About the Artist
The artist - photographed by Denis Jones (1999)      


Birte Bajwa née Bagehorn (or Bobbie to her friends) was born in 1969 in Radebeul, Dresden in the former East Germany. Painting and drawing from the day she could hold a brush or pencil in her hand, her life's ambition has always been to either create or work with images.

After moving to Frankfurt when she was 16, the constraints and lack of inspiration eventually led Bobbie to London in 1993, where she finally settled down.

After gaining her diploma in a BTEC Foundation Course in Art & Design, Bobbie applied herself to learning to paint on canvas as opposed to paper. When that challenge was achieved, she was drawn towards photography - a medium that had always fascinated her.

So, armed with her late father's EXA 500 her new challenge and labour of love was born.

Having completed a number of courses (awarded Distinctions in both Close-Up Photography and Photographing People) including a Masterclass Photography Course she loves the ongoing challenges and rewards that holding a camera brings her.


Bobbie cites her principle inspirations thus:

"...aside from the beauty of the physical body and forms of nature, I find the eyes to be my greatest source of inspiration -as my work improves in both quality and experience I look forward to reflecting this more fully in my future work."

"We wear constantly shifting masks that conceal and mirror our life experiences and sometimes only our eyes become an outward reflection of the raw and instinctive emotions within." (Dalbello)




EXA 500 (with Macro filter for close up work) since 1991

 Pentax MZ30 since 1999

Sigma 105 f2,8 Macro lens since 2002

Sigma 28-70 f2,8 lens since 2003

FILMS: mainly Fuji Neopan 400 /1600, sometimes XP2 and Infrared, and for colour Fuji Superia 200/400

INDOOR LIGHTING: 3 Studiolights (500 watts)


Pentax K10D since 2007